Friday, March 22, 2013

How Schizoid Loners Come Out Of Their Shell

If you are a Loner, you are stuck on the Weakness compass point with too much detachment. You pull back into a shell, much like a hermit crab.

As a recovering Schizoid Loner, you move past the pattern’s rigidity by touching others, literally. You risk reaching out and touching another human being, in an appropriate context, like a pat on the shoulder of your son; a brush on the cheek of your spouse. 

Pat on the Shoulder

Neurons, millions of them, fire in response to this kind of physical contact, providing an emotional connection that strengthens your bond with others. But the recovering Loner perseveres, in spite of initial discomfort. By learning to breathe and relax, you offer more smiles that let people know you care about them. When they smile back, you feel the enjoyment God intended in creating you.

Jesus understood the importance of sensual contact with others. He fully enjoyed the experience of the woman anointing his feet with expensive oil. He even took the disciples to task for criticizing the expense. 

Jesus' Feet Anointed With Oil
So, too, by moving into the Strength and Love compass points, the redeemed Loner finds creative ways to bless others with newfound expressions of love and appreciation. You learn to bask in the warm glow of a compliment, and feel the pleasure of participating more at work and in family life. 

Schizoid Loner Self Compass Growth

Once this process is underway, you bring the virtue of objectivity to human interaction. If a discussion grows overly impassioned, recovering Loners can offer a perspective on the situation unseen by people more emotionally driven. You don’t take things personally, so your feedback is honest. By moving into the Assertion compass point, you challenge unfairness toward yourself or others.  
As you exercise your full Self Compass, all the benefits of objectivity emerge:

Redeemed Loner—virtue of objectivity. 
  • Lives and lets live.
  • Can be fair-minded and impartial.
  • Separates facts from feelings.
  • Responds to emergencies with calm detachment.
  • Not burdened by other people’s expectations.
  • Doesn’t need to impress anyone.
  • Inner-directed.
Understanding that your primary satisfaction comes from inner-direction, you add to this the emotional payoffs of reaching out to others. 
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