Thursday, June 28, 2012

Top Personality Model for the 21st Century

Hi. I'm Dan Montgomery. Welcome! I've been a Psychologist and Marriage Therapist for 35 years, and a Christian theologian for about as long. Related to this integration of psychology and Christian faith,  my wife Kate and I have devoted our lives to the development and practical application of the Self Compass, a simple yet sophisticated growth tool for navigating life in the 21st century. 

Tell me. Would you enjoy having a trustworthy way to understand your personality and relationships, whether at work, at home, or in times of stress? Would you like to parent your children in a way that helps them develop a balanced personality? Would you like a way to grow more connected with God, feeling his love for you more strongly as life progresses? 

The Self Compass offers these benefits and more. Just as the discovery of the physical compass opened a new era in humanity's ability to travel from place to place, and navigate the earth, so the Self Compass opens a new era for finding your way to personality health and relationship fulfillment.

I assure you that by becoming a faithful reader of these postings, your knowledge of self and others will grow exponentially. What used to baffled you about your own or other people's behavior will make sense. You'll gain x-ray vision into people's real motivations, even when they are trying to conceal something from you.  

Most of all, you'll learn the art of growing psychologically and spiritually more whole, a treasured legacy you can pass on to those you love.

So Kate and I invite you to join our blog adventure. Take a moment to enjoy a brief video about our Compass Series books. The next posting I'll show you the Self Compass and how it works.

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