Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Grow Christlike with The Youth Self Compass!

Jesus cares about your personality. He wants you to know what you're like as a person and how to change any parts that need changing.  

Check out the diagram below to see how the Youth Self Compass makes sense of personality.

The Self Compass is just that: a compass that points the way to personality health. First, notice where the LAWS of personality are located: Everybody needs a balance of LOVE and ASSERTION, WEAKNESS and STRENGTH compass points. 

Jesus is the only person who ever had a perfect balance of these compass points. The Gospels, like Matthew or John, show how Jesus was caring and brave, as well as humble and confident, depending on the situation. 

The rest of us get stuck out of balance on one or more of the compass points. Think of yourself or friends or family members you know. Do see where you or they may be stuck?

If  you point to the "Too nice" or "Pleaser" it means being stuck on the LOVE compass point without enough ASSERTION.

If you choose "Mean" or "Sneaky" it means being stuck on the ASSERTION compass point without enough LOVE.

It's simple but not always easy to change. Your goal is to combine LOVE with ASSERTION. That way you balance out your Self Compass with more choices about how to act. You can choose to be kind, yet still say what you think. 

What happens over time? You find yourself being Caring and Brave instead of  mean or overly agreeable. 

What about the "Worries" or "Pulls back" part of the diagram? This means a person is stuck on the WEAKNESS compass point without enough STRENGTH.

If you choose "Bossy" or "Complains" it means you're stuck on the STRENGTH compass point without enough WEAKNESS. 

The Self Compass answer? We all need to combine both WEAKNESS and STRENGTH to develop a balanced personality. 

Instead of being a know-it-all, or saying, "I can't" too much, you can choose to humbly admit your mistakes and take action to correct them. This is how you grow in becoming Humble and Confident.  

The cool thing is that the Holy Spirit is right there to help you when you pray to become more of your real self in Christ. With the Youth Self Compass as a guide, you can grow more like Jesus, the best model you could ever have!

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